Can I Build A Web Site On My Own?


by Aryeh Powers

I recently watched the Super bowl and one of the commercials that caught my eye, was the commercial for the 1and1 Web Site Builder, offered through As I watched the commercial, I was reminded of one particular discussion that I have had numerous times, regarding creating Web sites. One of the most popular Internet marketing questions that I discuss with people is the following: “what free resources are there for me, to help me make my own Web site? My budget is really low, but I want to get something up there.” I like to point individuals that really don’t have a budget for a Web site and want something up ASAP  to either and

Now, if you’re curious about weather you have what it takes to make your own Web site – with your own computer and without having to pay someone for it – the answer is simply yes. Now if you’re someone who doesn’t have the time to make your own Web site, then you can understand what the benefit of hiring some else to make your Web site is. But if you’re like a lot of entrepreneurs starting their own company, who like to understand every aspect of their business and get more involved in the growth and building of their company, then you might be wondering whether or not you should be making your Web site on your own. I believe that this depends on the nature of your business and on what it is that you are hoping to achieve with your Web site.

I think that the easiest way to you to determine if you are a business owner that REALLY needs outside assistance or if you run a business that could do just fine with a prefabricated Web site, is for you to make one specific distinction, before creating your Web site. Is your Web site meant to convey information or is your Web site meant to convey a message. This is the most important point in determining how much you should invest in an outside Web design or Web development company. A Web site, whose sole purpose is to convey information, can be constructed with limited functionality and does not need a complex design, because the only thing necessary for your user to get to your information, is for them to click on  your Web site and/ or relevant link, regardless of the design of it.

If your Web site’s purpose is to convey a message, such as a brand message or a political agenda, then it is of utmost importance to supplement your text with the appropriate design. A design and content layout that entices users to read more and explore what your Web site is saying and what your message is all about. In this case, it would be foolish to settle with a prefab Web site. A prefab Web site can never match a Web site that was tailor made with your content and message in mind. Here’s the one line breakdown; before going down the prefab Web site path, ask yourself how important your brand or Web site message is and how the design of your Web site will impact the efficacy of your message.

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