The Top Rated Seller


by Aryeh Powers

I recently purchased a fiver on In the course of my search of other fivers offered on the site, I noticed the “Top rated seller” title next to some of the fiver sellers and it got me thinking about the Web phenomena of the “top rated seller”.

The first Web site place that I saw the “Top rated seller” title, as it related to merchants, was It seems that this title has caught on and for a good reason. What makes a buyer more likely to take action with a “Top rated seller”? It is the fact that those merchants have established some level of rapport with their customers due to some metric of outstanding salesmanship… and what does that mean for you? It means that they have something to offer you that other sellers don’t have.

It all goes back to the notion of trust and how it affects your customer’s desire to purchase from you and your business. As I’ve alluded to in many of my previous posts, the more trust and rapport you build with your customers, the more they will be likely to purchase from you AND come back to purchase the same or similar products from you in the future.

Although the title “Top rated seller” is a little ambiguous and can connote a variety of things about the seller, it no doubt establishes the specified merchant as being someone more trustworthy.

As a merchant or business owner, it is always important for you to find ways to boost your rapport and your products “sellability” to your customers. Always be on the lookout for ways to have others give you your own “Top rated seller” title.

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