The Power Of Human Relationships


by Megan Marcus, Contributing Writer

My business, like my marketing strategy, is founded on one principle: the power of human relationships.

Several years ago, my professional aim was to be a psychotherapist. I had earned my Masters in Psychology and was working with Dr. Louis Cozolino on his upcoming book, The Social Neuroscience of Education. His book described k-12 schools that he observed, through the lens of social neuroscience, which explores the idea of human beings as social creatures and our brains, social organs.

In other words social neuroscience is the study of how humans learn, grow, and thrive in the context of relationships and the ways in which we are literally wired to connect to one another.

Cozolino’s book explored some fascinating topics in education based on this premise. For example, we discovered how the best teachers trigger student learning based on the emotional attachment between teacher and student. It did not take me long to realize that while teachers are prepared for the technical aspects of their jobs— having gained instructional skills and content knowledge in their teacher training programs—they are not generally prepared for another critical element of their work: relationships. Thus, in order to fill this gap in teacher education, FuelEd was born.

This summer FuelEd is being launched as startup, whose sole purpose is the strengthening of teacher preparation by developing teachers’ social and emotional competencies.

Watch a brief presentation of FuelEd below:


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