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by Tal Tivon, Contributing Writer

Always be in the know. With today’s rapid changes in technology and the constant advances in social media innovation, a smart and savvy entrepreneur or business owner must stay on top of the competition by understanding the latest marketing trends and by staying aware of new marketing tools, as they become available.

One such marketing tool is the CPC platform recently introduced for YouTube advertisers. While YouTube has always been accessible to advertisers; this new modification lets you ride in the easy lane. Let me explain by first giving you a background in CPC advertising.

Traditionally, advertisers wishing to advertise their business on Google search results pages would use the Google AdWords platform to implement their “cost per click” or CPC campaigns. The AdWords platform allows Internet advertisers to place bids for their respective ad’s placement for specific search keywords.

For example, an advertiser wishing to place a bid for his ad on the search results page for the word “refrigerator” would use the AdWords platform to place a bid on the cost that they would be willing to pay for every click generated by their ad. The higher the bid, the higher up the ad will show in the search results page.  Just as there are product placement strategies which determine a product’s placement – like product placement in supermarkets for instance, where the advertisers pay for certain placements on the shelves to attract consumers – this concept is similarly applied in the search world via CPC platforms such as Google AdWords.

The new upgrade to YouTube allows online advertisers, for the first time, to purchase keyword advertisements not only on Google search but on YouTube as well, for video advertising. This is an especially attractive feature for small businesses, due to the cost factor involved in advertising on YouTube.

Prior to the upgrade, Google charged an up-front minimum fee for advertisers to advertise on YouTube. Now, not only is there no up-front fee, but Google will only charge advertisers after the respective videos have been viewed and ads have garnered impressions and/ or clicks.

In addition lower costs associated with advertising on YouTube, the new upgrade also allows for advertisers to track their advertising campaigns with much more comprehensive tools.

Previously, advertisers had to use the Google Analytics tool to monitor the success of their CPC campaigns.  However, now advertisers can track their clicks, impressions and their campaign goals from a centralized YouTube analytics platform.

Advertisers using YouTube analytics can now answer questions like; has the viewer actually gone to search for further content on my brands website? Has the viewer gone on to search for additional videos by my brand? This new innovation allows the advertiser to not only reach a target audience, but measure the outcome of clicks, so that they can measure their ROI more accurately.

I strongly recommend for anyone of you interested in Internet advertisements to take a look at YouTube’s new advertising platform and consider the CPC option on YouTube for your business.  Watch the video below for a closer look on this new feature can be  a useful tool in your advertising arsenal.

Tal is a young marketing professional, currently residing in Los Angeles. Tal holds a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing from The Sy Syms School of Business at Yeshiva University. Tal has a passion for fashion marketing and for educating her peers on the latest and greatest methods of marketing. She currently works as a strategic marketing assistant for The Liquid Group Inc., where she writes business proposals and develops marketing campaigns for fashion events. Tal recently planned and organized the first Jewish, modern orthodox international weekend retreat in Los Angeles, for over 200 Jewish modern orthodox young professionals and likes to be involved in organizing community events during her spare time. 

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