Which Elements Do Good Landing Pages Consist Of?


by Aryeh Powers

A couple of months ago I wrote a post titled “What does good Web site content look like?” In that post, I made the point of giving my readers a bit of an idea of how to maximize the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) of their respective Web sites. I focused on convincing my readers that less content and links are beneficial, whereas bigger and bolder descriptive text and images was a cornerstone to a good home page.

In this post, I want to talk about lead capturing Web site elements and calls to action on your landing page. A recent trend that I been seeing more and more of with regard to landing page design, is that landing pages have begun to have more pronounced call to actions and some kind of sign up form or download option. Let me explain each one individually.

A call to action is, as the name suggests, an element that invites the viewer on a particular Web site to take an action that he/she might deem as beneficial for whatever reason. When a visitor comes to your Web site, it is important to understand why they have come to your Web site, so you can capture that visitor’s contact information and convert them into a warm lead, or even better, a customer. One way to get your visitor to take action is to pronounce your phone number or to have a contact button that enables the visitor to immediately get in touch with you. This may be a phone number or a live chat button that has become more commonplace.

call to action image

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Now let’s talk about the sign up forms that are becoming more prevalent in landing page development. To be clear, the point of sign up forms are to get the information of your visitors, so that you can follow up with them about products that they’ve displayed interest in and products that you think you can pitch to them in the future that match their point of interest. If you have something of interest that would entice your visitors to fill out this form and opt in to your CRM system, than I would highly recommend placing one of these forms on your Web site.

What I have seen on a lot of Web sites using this last method is free downloads of eBooks and other free education materials. If you have a good idea of the “why” that has brought visitors to your Web site, than taking the time to capture and retain their interest with a free download or some other free promotional giveaway upon filling out your form, would be advisable. To be more scientific about this last point, compare the cost and time that it would take for you to create the promotional material and give it away, with the amount of money that every new lead is worth to you. Lastly, try and predict how many visitors you can expect to fill out your sign up form and whether or not, that number justifies the creation of your form and/ or promotional offer. TIP: If you have a good promotional offering, it will almost always pay off to give it away for the purpose of new lead generation.

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