Why It’s Important To Have A Favorite Brand


by Aryeh Powers

If you’ve ever created or have aspired to create your own brand, there has probably been a person, brand or company that impacted your desire to start your brand and/ or to produce the product or service that you now offer. Before you create a brand, you need to be inspired to create.

So what, precisely, is so important about the inspiration that one gets to start a brand or company? First off, the initial inspiration that you get acts as the impetus that gets you moving and motivated to start your business, but then what comes after that is even more important. The next thing to come from looking at other’s success is the fact that you now have a model and an image with which you can measure your success against. As successful marketers can testify to, to be successful, you need metrics by which to measure your success. If there is no accountability or metric by which to measure your success, than the case for your product is probably not that impressive. This is why it is so essential to have goals and measures for your brand and products.

For me personally, one person who gives me inspiration is Seth Godin. I don’t know everything there is to know about Seth and I don’t read all of his blog posts, but I do aspire to be able to mimic certain characteristics of his brand and his style, that make him so special and unique.

To be specific, I find that Seth Godin’s approach to marketing is one where he educates people about marketing tactics, rather than attempting to give them a one size fits all marketing solution. Seth teaches people about marketing and gives his followers strategies that are practical and that make sense – broad strategies that can be customized to the individual marketers needs – and all of Seth’s “marketing education” is easily digestible. In short, I see Seth Godin as a walking and talking marketing text book that I like to read and use. That is the image that I want to convey to my clients, as well.

When I think about what I am doing and how I am impacting others, I can tap into my stored perception of Seth Godin and ask myself, are the services and products that I am offering others getting me closer to my goal? Am I properly educating my clients? Do they understand what I asking them to do and can they see the value in I am communicating, or are they just following orders?

So let’s take this idea and apply it to your business. If you’re starting a brand or have a brand that you have already started, take a couple minutes to stop and think about where you want your brand to go. How do you envision success for your brand? Perhaps there is a brand or company that inspired you as a kid and you want your brand to be like that one. Perhaps you have a competitor that is doing a better job at marketing their product than you are.

Create an image for your success. Then think about what you need to do to get there. Then write down or memorize the necessary steps that you will need to achieve the success that you’re imagining. Use your image of your brand’s success and your memorized plan of achieving it, to guide you and inspire throughout your brands growth.

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